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Ted Hill, The Comedian

Ted Hill delivers unashamedly silly, high-energy, multimedia stand-up with a warm and disarming demeanour. Having ADHD himself, Ted knows what’s needed to grab the audience’s attention, and once he’s got it, he holds it using any and all means at his disposal - with assorted visual aids, flipcharts and overhead projectors. His material takes complex and detailed topics and breaks them down in an elaborately childish way, He takes silliness very seriously.

WINNER - Brighton Seagull 'Best Show Of The Fringe' Award 2022

"Ted sits in the aspirational intersection of silly comedy and clever comedy. If he weren't so likeable, I'd hate him."

Bec Hill (no relation)

"effortlessly commands the room, at a breakneck speed, and has an infectious energy that is impossible to resist. Ted Hill is one to watch"

The Reviews Hub

"An Audience Favourite"


Ted Hill: An Evening of Unnecessary Detail

Ted Hill Performing at Festival of The Spoken Nerd’s sold out Bloomsbury Theatre best of show. Filmed by Foxdog Studios & Steve Mould